How is MyRepublic fibre broadband better?

Unencumbered by legacy systems from decades-old telcom networks, and building on the latest network technology, MyRepublic’s fibre broadband network is uniquely designed for how you use the internet today.

The cornerstone of every MyRepublic user’s online experience is MyRepublic’s network data prioritisation system. This system allows MyRepublic to run its network unlike any other operator: identifying and assigning different bandwidth priorities to different types of internet data traffic. 

Very High Priority

  • Gaming
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Network Protocols (DNS & SSL etc.)

High Priority

  • Video Streaming
  • Web Surfing


  • File Sharing (includes BitTorrents)
  • Download

This is especially important when a network gets busier with many users online at the same time, such as during nighttime. These periods are commonly known as “peak hours”, when network congestion can give rise to slow loading times or large buffering times. 

With MyRepublic’s data prioritisation system, time-sensitive applications such as video streaming, gaming and voice chat are assigned a special higher priority. Like having their own express lane on a busy highway, this prioritisation lets them enjoy uninterrupted, seamless performance during peak hour periods.

This adaptable system also allows MyRepublic to manage network traffic without throttling or imposing a hard speed cap on popular file-sharing applications such as BitTorrent. 

Although on a lower priority than streaming or gaming, P2P file-sharing traffic is allowed to run at maximum speeds with remaining network bandwidth. This allows downloads to reach their highest possible speeds without impacting more time-sensitive applications.

If you're interested in upgrading your speed/plan type, you may write in to us here! The speed upgrade does not come with any other promotions or change in contract period.

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