Throttling and port blocking.

Does MyRepublic throttle the network?

In short: no.

Throttling typically refers a bandwidth limit imposed by Internet Service Providers (ISP) on traffic identified to be BitTorrent or P2P.

On MyRepublic, we manage our network not by imposing hard bandwidth caps but by a flexible traffic data prioritisation system

This means that P2P file-sharing applications are allowed to run as fast as possible as long as they do not disrupt higher priority applications such as video streaming or gaming. As the system adapts to the demands on our network, there is no need for us to impose a fixed limit on BitTorrent download speed.

In other words, as long as the MyRepublic network has the capacity, your BitTorrent can run at 50Mb/s or 500Mb/s or however fast the torrent’s available seeds, your computer and connection allows.

Does MyRepublic block any ports?

MyRepublic does not block any ports for outgoing connections but we do set connection rate limits for the following outgoing connection types. This should not interfere with normal usage.

  • SMTP (TCP Port 25): to prevent spamming
  • DNS (TCP/UDP Port 53): to prevent DDoS attacks

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